Birth is beautiful. Birth is powerful. Birth is unpredictable.

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Birth is a journey you embark on from the moment you know you are pregnant. Along the way, things can get confusing and intense, and can feel really overwhelming. We know it from our own experience and from walking alongside the woman we’ve served. We can help you prepare for this journey.

We listen carefully to your needs and tailor our services to meet you where you’re at. We answer your questions as they arise before they turn into deep worries. We are a continuous and familiar presence that gently guides you towards comfort, strength, and safety during the most challenging times. We help you know your options and how to navigate the medical system, especially when things don’t go as planned.


We are here for you, on your terms. It’s your journey.


Our birth support services include:

- One free in-person visit where we get to know each other and how we can best support you. We learn your needs and wishes, answering your questions. And you decide whether working together is a good fit

- Up to three prenatal visits, where we build a trusting relationship; we discuss your birth preferences, your choices, and any questions or concerns you may have; and we learn and practice comfort measures, and body-mind relaxation and awareness techniques

-Unlimited phone and email support to answer any questions or concerns as they arise

- Access to our lending library of books related to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care

- A traditional hand-woven rebozo for you and training for your partner (if available and willing) on rebozo techniques for pregnancy/labor support and baby carrying

- Two guest passes to any yoga class at Barefoot Movement (including pre and postnatal)

- 24-hour on-call labor support for 2 weeks before and after your estimated due date

- Continuous labor support from the time you request your doula, usually at home, until ~2 hours after your baby is born

- Photography of your labor and birth (as possible and if desired)

- Breastfeeding help, both in the hospital and at home

- A 3 hour postnatal. In the first hour of the home visit we check in on your recovery, revisit your birth experience, and answer any questions you may have about baby (feeding, sleeping, baby wearing, and baby massage). For the remaining two hours we care for baby and help you with cooking or housework while you take a much needed break!

Total cost of our birth doula package: $1400

Parenting is challenging. Parenting is messy. Parenting is rewarding.

The journey doesn’t end when you give birth. As you welcome your little one home for the first time, a long and exciting new journey is just beginning. All you’ve learned during your birth and how you experienced it has set the tone of this new adventure. Yet the pace of change is so quick and the demands of caring for a newborn so relentless during the first weeks of parenting that things can get confusing and intense, and feel really overwhelming. Parenting is one of the hardest things you’ll do, but it is also one of the most gratifying things in life. We know it from our own experience and from walking alongside the families we’ve assisted.

You don't have to do it alone, we can support you along the way!

Getting all the help you can, from grandparents, to friends, to professionals during this intense learning period will allow you to enjoy this precious time and build up confidence for the years to come. Postpartum doulas are trained professionals that can help you create a smooth transition as you integrate the new member of your family into your life at home. We focus on giving you extra support and knowledge as challenges and concerns arise, before things feel out of sorts. We nurture you, as you nurture your baby.


Our Postpartum support services include:

- Breastfeeding coaching and support

- Help with emotional and physical recovery after birth

- Help understanding baby’s cues, sleeping and feeding patterns

- Assistance with newborn care: soothing techniques and diapering

- Baby massage training

- Baby-wearing training with rebozo and wrap

- Light housekeeping Cooking nutritious meals

- Caring for baby and older siblings while you rest

- Referrals to local resources for lactation, postpartum and other support groups

Cost of our postpartum doula services: $35 an hour (3 hour minimum)


Birth Planning Support

Are you unsure about having a doula at your birth but still want help with your birth and postpartum planning?  You can schedule three 60 minute Birth and Postpartum Planning Sessions with Hanna or Itzel to help get you where you want to be.  During these sessions, we will:

Develop your Birth Wishlist

Practice breathing and birthing positions for labor and delivery

Rebozo techniques to help before and during labor as well as a few baby carrying options with the Rebozo

Develop your Postpartum Plan with special attention to recovery, rest and nourishment

Review any questions you may have about the labor, birthing and postpartum process and what to expect

Total Cost $400*

Birth & Placenta Encapsulation

Complete Birth doula services

Placenta encapsulation

Total Cost 1650

Birth & Postpartum support with Placenta Encapsulation

Complete Birth doula services

9 hours postpartum support

Placenta encapsulation

Total Cost 1925

Birth, Yoga, Placenta Encapsulation & Postpartum Support

Complete Birth Doula services

3 Private one hour Prenatal Yoga Classes

Placenta encapsulation

3 Private one hour Postnatal Classes

9 hours of postpartum support

Total Cost 2225


Postpartum support & placenta encapsulation

9 hours postpartum support

Placenta Encapsulation

Total Cost 525

Postpartum support & yoga

In this package we will help you and your partner navigate this new time in both of your lives, by providing support after you come home from the hospital, information and local resources as well as in home postnatal yoga. You will receive

9 hours of postpartum support

3 one hour postnatal yoga classes can be done with or without baby

Total Cost for this package 425

*Pricing: Discounted when combine with other services.

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