Placenta Encapsulation

What’s so special about placentas?

Placentas are filled with nutrients. It took your body a great input of hormones to create this new organ, remember how tired you felt in your first trimester? Placentas are rich in Iron, that helps you replenish your levels after the blood loss from the birth and prevent anemia. Hormonally it contains high levels of prostaglandins, that promote the uterus to return to its pre-pregnant state. It contains oxytocin, that reduces pain and increases bonding with baby. It also contains thyroid stimulating hormones, interferon and prolactin, which can boost the immune system, energy, recovery and milk supply. Because it came from your own body, it can provide the exact components necessary to stimulate the body’s own healing.

Why new mothers are choosing to eat their placenta?

Most believe the reintroducing the nutrient and hormones in the placenta can promote a healthier and quicker postpartum recovery. Some may want help coping with the emotional ups and downs experienced in the first weeks after delivery. Others want to increase their breast milk production. People also feel it helps them feel more revitalized and energized.

Placenta encapsulation provides an easy way to consume, store, and dose your placenta intake. Make sure you find a placenta encapsulator that complies with high hygiene and sanitation practices.

Placenta encapsulation services includes:

-Placenta capsules

-Prints of placenta

-Placenta broth

-Dried umbilical cord

-Placenta tincture

Total cost of placenta services 300*

*Pricing: Sliding scale available. Discount when combine with other services.

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