Itzel Rosales

Itzel wears many identities, including:

Doula (CD)

Itzel is a radical birth worker who began serving families in 2014 in Montreal and in the Bay Area since 2015. She is a Certified Doula through Montreal Birth Companions (MBC) doula school, and an abortion doula with the Bay Area Doula Project (BADP). She draws upon the wisdom of her ancestry by employing traditional Mexican Rebozo techniques to empower partners to become confident support people.


As part of her goal of empowering folks going though their reproductive experiences, Itzel is invested in providing support to single parents, families of color, Spanish-speaking people, LGBT*Q, low income families, and allies. She does this through the doula program at Birthways, as a member of the Roots of Labor Doula Collective, as an abortion doula and community organizer for BADP, and as a mentor for young doulas for HATCH.


Itzel has a bachelor’s degree in Math from ITAM University in Mexico, a degree in Anthropology from McGill University in Montreal, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Concordia University. Her research focused on Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights and their impact on the empowerment of women and their communities.

Life-long learner

As a Spanish, English, and French speaker, and having lived in multicultural settings, Itzel has developed an open curiosity for all there is to learn within the diversity of human experiences. The birth of her two girls unveiled a thirst to know more about our body as a source of wisdom, strength, and compassion. As committed spouse and late-blooming queer, she is discovering that human sexuality is a mysterious and open creative force. As a form of life, she’s seeking the truth in her being.


Hanna Malm



Hanna’s interest in birth began with her first time witnessing a birth at home at the age of two. She found the event to be so normal a process that she peacefully fell asleep at the birth. She completed her doula training through DONA (Doulas of North America) with Debbie Lavin in 2015 and her abortion doula training with the Bay Area Doula Project (BADP). Hanna truly believes in the intuitive powers that women posses. Her goal is to support and empower women and their partners through pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Yoga Teacher

Hanna trained as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher through Barefoot Movement in Oakland California, where she currently leads workshops and teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga. She is an E-RYT 200 and RYT500, which means that she has taught over 1000 hours of classes and had 500 hours of training. She believes yoga allows all aspects of oneself — body, mind and breath — to connect at a deeper level and to connect us with the world around in a more truthful way. Her teaching style is supportive and honest, creating a safe space where you can get to know your body and expand its capabilities, and incorporate the mindfulness of your practice into your everyday life.


The birth of her first child was a life-changing event for Hanna that started her into the unknown journey of parenthood. The birth of her second child, and assisting a friend’s second birth made it clear it was her passion to assist other parents during this crucial time. To Hanna being a mother means being a firce and powerful protecter as well as the constant letting go of control and experiencing who these humans are that she calls her children.


After sailing to Mexico with her partner and two children under the age of 5, Hanna realized how brave and resilient humans are. Their strength and ability to thrive in extreme situations created an amazing bond between them. Hanna had the fortune to practice yoga on deserted beaches with her family, see amazing sea life, and marvel at the powers of mother nature: strong, scary and beautiful.

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